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How Can You Treat Termites In Your Home?

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Termites are a pest that you do not always know about until they have caused a considerable amount of damage to your property. They chew on the wooden structures in your home but the process is fairly slow. The problem is that the damage is done to the inside of the wood so you are not always aware of it until floors began to bevel or window frames become loose.

There are some signs of termite activity that you can look out for. You may see termite tunnels around your property or you may notice the presence of termite droppings. One of the best ways to ensure that you are aware if you have a termite problem is to hire a Suffolk County Exterminator to carry out regular inspections. If a termite problem is discovered there are different types of pest control treatment that can be used.

Using a liquid barrier pest control treatment
This type of pest control involves the injection of a liquid pest control product into the soil that is around and under your home. Termites die when they come into contact with the barrier, thereby preventing them from gaining access to your property.

This pest control option can work well if you need a quick solution to your termite problem; but it can be quite invasive. If concrete is part of the structure of your home, or you have concrete around your property, it may need to be drilled in order to provide access to the soil. Obviously, this can be a disruptive process.

Using baits to alleviate a termite problem
It may be that the laying of baits is a more successful remedy for your termite problem in the long term. It takes longer for the process to work, as the termites have to find and chew on the baits; but it's effective. It's worth noting that the use of baits is sometimes a more expensive pest control treatment.

This extra expense comes from the fact that baits need to be laid and replaced more often than barrier treatments have to be revisited. There also need to be regular checks on the effects of the baits on the termite population.

If you want to try to reduce the risk of a termite infestation in your home then you should make sure that all holes and gaps in the exterior walls of your property are filled in. You should also not store wood close to your property or on the ground. No matter what, there is always a chance that termites might find their way into your property. This is why it's so important that you have your home inspected for termites on a regular basis, especially if you live in an area which has a large termite population and where infestations are common. If you have any suspicion that termites are present in your property you should speak to a pest control professional straight away.
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Why Pine Bros. Has You Covered

I don't know about you, but the weather where I live has not been the most enjoyable. It's been freezing and we have seen a little snow already. Winter is for sure in full bloom here. Temperatures are in the 20's or lower every day. Yuck! What's worse about the cold weather? Having the feeling you are getting sick. Nothing is worse than that. Am I right?

Sore throats are in full swing this month and everyone wants relief. I am sure you are like me and really get highly irritated by a sore and scratchy throat. You can't feel like yourself even if you aren't sick. But that is why I really love using Pine Bros. Softish Throat Relief Drops.

When it comes to my family, I don't believe in very many pharmaceuticals. It just all seems so unnatural to me. I don't want myself or my family using anything that can cause side effects or other health concerns down the road. So that is one of the reasons I choose Pine Bros.

Since 1870, they have been the choice of many families to help soothe and relief the throats of their loved ones. Pine Bros uses many great natural ingredients. The natural Gum Acacia
is pure, medicinal, and therapeutic...while the Plant Glycerin has been derived from nature and used as an oral demulcent to soothe mucous membranes for centuries.

I have been enjoying their new Vitamin C Orange, as well as, the Sugar-Free Wild Cherry Throat Drops. These both taste really great. They do not taste in the least bit like any type of medicine. Because they aren't made with medicine! No after taste either. Almost like a great tasting candy to suck on that amazingly helps your sore throat feel better. That is a huge reason I love these. They differ so much from all the other brands out there you can buy at the stores. Plus, these seem to really work and help and I don't have to worry at all with them being "unsafe". A huge plus in my book.

Pine Bros products are also gluten-free and vegan as well. I know so many people with gluten allergies so this makes life just one step easier for those with that concern. I love that. And I have several friends who are vegan. Perfect for them to ease their throats without the worry of using products they don't believe in.

I have been using both of these throat drops every time I feel a sore throat coming on and I can personally say, my throat feels better just after two drops are taken. Now they won't cure a sore throat and nor do they claim to. It just helps relieve some of the scratchy, burning, sore feeling you get when your throat is not happy. But these make them feel happy again! I have tried several products in my lifetime and I can say, without a doubt, I have enjoyed Pine Bros the very best!

I prefer the Cherry over the Orange flavor. Both are very great. I can't say anything bad about the tastes. I am just a person who has a taste for more fruity tasting things over citrus. However, I really love citrus too. So both these choices are the perfect fit for my taste buds to enjoy while trying to feel better.

Go grab some of these for yourself and see why so many mothers fathers, doctors and nurses already love Pine Bros Throat Drops and trust them for their families too. You can find the Sugar-Free Cherry Throat Drops at Harris Teeter, Harmon, and ShopRite. Or grab some Vitamin C Orange Throat Drops from Kinney Drug. But both can found on the Pine Bros website.

Have you ever tried a Pine Bros product? What did you think? What was your favorite? If you haven't, would you like to? On their website, you can find a coupon to save on your purchase with them.

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Habits That Can Induce Wrinkles

Having healthy skin is the best way to prevent wrinkles and keep on looking young as the years pass by. There are several little habits you might have that are going to have an impact on your skin's health, and make wrinkles a bigger problem. Though there are a number of products out there with potent wrinkle-reduction ingredients, avoiding wrinkles in the first place is a better way to go.

Avoiding Sunscreen
Your face sees the sun nearly every single day, and its easy to stop thinking about sunscreen when you're not headed to the beach on a summer day. Protecting your skin with a light sunscreen daily is a better habit than ignoring it, and it will keep your skin much healthier and free from age spots.

If you only do one thing to help your skin, choose this one. Quit smoking. Not to mention that it's a habit that will cause a number of other serious health problems besides ruining your skin. Though it effects your body in a number of ways, there are a couple smoking side-effects that are particularly disastrous for your skin.

For one, smoking constricts your blood vessels, and that has a very noticeable impact on the delicate capillaries in your skin. That means every time you smoke, you are starving your skin for moisture and nourishment. On top of that, you have a toxic cloud around your face with each exhale as well.

Leaving Makeup On
You simply must take the time to properly remove your makeup and wash your face at the end of the day. Don't settle for a quick splash of water either. Most cosmetic products are somewhat water-resistant and aren't going to come off completely until you use the proper cleanser to do the job right.

You need to let your skin rest and breathe at night, especially if you do wear a considerable amount of makeup through the day. Stale makeup is going to clog pores and dry out the top layers of your skin, leading to wrinkles in a short period of time.

Pulling and Touching Your Skin
In general, just keep your hands off your face unless necessary. All that constant contact just adds oils, dirt and fine damage to your skin. You also need to be gentle when applying your make-up. It's easy to get a little rough when trying to get your cosmetics just right, leading to stretching or pulling when not really necessary.

Diet and Drink Choices
While not strictly a habit, you may be eating or drinking things that contribute to wrinkles. There isn't a single food or beverage that is the culprit, but rather a more general diet that can be the problem. Mainly, if you are eating a lot of processed junk food that is high in sugar, it will reflect in your face. As your body struggles to process excess sugar, inflammation can develop which will ruin the elastic nature of your skin. From that, you get sagging, poor tone and wrinkles.

And when it comes to drink, you should stay away from excess alcohol. Alcohol interferes with your normal hydration levels and it destroys certain vitamin stores in your body (typically vitamin A), which leaves you without the antioxidants your skin needs to repair damage.

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She Did My Makeup {Halloween Style}

Happy almost Halloween everyone!!!! That's right, tomorrow is Halloween and are you just as excited as I am? I cannot wait. I have my costume almost ready {I'm making it from scratch} and my kids' costumes are all ready to go as well. We are so excited to take on the neighborhood this year trick or treating! Yea!!! It will be my two little one's first-time trick or treating and they can't wait.

So in honor of Halloween, my daughter has been begging me to want to paint my face. And since my really great friend Chrissy [A Little Dash of Diva] is always on top of the youtube makeup stuff, I finally got her to convince me to try it out as well.

Though I have to tell you, this was really hard for me. I'm really super shy in front of the camera. I was not feeling well at all during this taping and I have gained so much weight lately.... I just hate the way I looked on film. I feel a lot prettier on snapchat! You can use filters to hide your "self conscious" areas. I couldn't on here.

So as hard as this is for me to publish this video and post it for the world, I am doing it because my daughter really wanted me to. And so I decided, for her I will. But next time, I'll be looking back to glam like I usually like to look in photos and videos soon.

So this is Natalya {my ten year old} painting my face Halloween style. This was her first time doing this seriously and I think she had it turn out good. I then painted hers but didn't record the process of doing it. Just the end result. I hope you all enjoy.

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I wanted to thank everyone who has participated over the last 5 and a half years. I am sad to say, this will be the last That Friday Blog Hop post. It just seems life has me pulled in a lot of ways and I can no longer keep up with this. I can't believe that this blog hop started on 3-17-2011 and still continued on. Thank you all for the amazing support.

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Losing Her

This past weekend was one of the hardest few days I've ever gone through in my life. It's hit me so hard that this is the first time since I heard the news that I really haven't been on the computer at all. Thursday afternoon of last week was when it began.

My mom called and told me that my grandma wasn't doing well. Her health was going fast. She wasn't expected to live much longer. This came as a shock as just the week before, she was doing well. I hadn't seen my grandma in seven years. Seven years ago was the last time I got to see her, got to talk to her, got to feel her give me a hug and call my name. The same with my grandpa too. That was the last time I ever saw him before he passed away three years ago. I wasn't even able to go to the funeral to say my last goodbye. My mom thought it was better that I didn't. So I said my goodbyes from far away.

Once he had passed, my grandma was all I had left. My dad's parents both had passed away. His mom passed when I was still too little to really remember her. And his father passed away the day they drove me down the college. I remember that day so well. I had never seen my dad so hurt and torn.... as if his heart had been completely ripped from his chest and every piece of him fell to the floor. Though I was very sad for my dad, I didn't know his dad too well. I have faint memories of the two of us together. But it still hurt to know he was gone.

I was closer to my mom's side of the family. When my grandfather first got sick, I was crushed. I knew I wouldn't be able to go to the funeral because I was so far away. He lived through several years of it until he finally passed. I cried. I cried a lot. I was close to him. I knew life would not be the same. I regret not getting a photo of him and my daughter together when I last saw him. I was for sure there would be other times.....but those times never came. I sat and thought about all the things we did together when I was a kid.

And then all I had left was my grandma. We all thought she would pass away soon after my grandpa did from a broken heart. She didn't know how to live without him. Their love was amazing.  I have never seen two people care about each other and hold onto another as dearly as they did. Up until the very end. 

They had been high school sweethearts and was married right after she graduated high school and stayed married until the end. The story of how they met always made me laugh when my grandma would tell it. She told me that my grandpa was dating my grandma's friend and they were pretty serious. My grandma stole him from her and they weren't friends anymore LOL.... what a way to grab a guy. Stold him right from her friend....she cracks me up with that story every time she told me.

My grandma didn't pass away though as we thought she would because of my grandpa. She was determined to keep life going as long as possible. And that is what she did. She held on to the very end.

I found out Thursday evening when I talked to one of my cousins, that our uncle knew she wasn't going to make it much longer. Within the next 24 hours, she would be gone. Her health went that fast. I cried....I cried a lot. I wanted to go see her so bad before she died. I tried all that I could to go up there. I had held onto hope that she would still be around within the next couple of days so I could get up there to her.

Friday morning came ...... I was talking to my cousin for a bit about the situation. I went back to do some housework in between our chats. Then my phone rang....it was my mother. She called to let me know that my grandma had finally passed away that morning.

My heart sank. I felt frozen. I couldn't move. But somehow I opened up the text box and started to message my cousin as I was still on the phone with my mom to let her know. Then I got off the phone and walked into the bathroom. I started to cry and cry and cry. I couldn't stop. And when I finally did, I cried some more. I walked into the bedroom and sat on the bed next to my husband and woke him up from his sleep and told him. I just cried after that and got up and walked away.

I finally felt all alone. I really did feel alone. I lost every one of my grandparents now. I had no more left. Who was going to tell me all their stories of when they fought in World War II? And who was going to sit there and bake me chocolate chip cookies?

Every memory of my grandma and grandpa rotated over and over in my mind and knowing I lost them forever just killed me inside. I begged my mom to watch my kids so that my dad could drive me up to where she lived. If I couldn't have said goodbye before, I wanted to say goodbye now. And so he did. We packed our bags and drove the 8-hour drive up to where she lived and so did the majority of my mom's family.

I helped as they removed all of her belongings out of her room. We went through everything and boxed up this and that and dispersed it amongst the family. My mom had them set aside all of my grandma's bedroom furniture just for me. I was going to be the one who got to keep it. I stared at it all and cried. I used to spend hours in her bedroom when I would come up as a child to visit her and be so in love with her bedroom. She had all her makeup on her vanity as well as her wedding photo.... and her bed mesmerized me. Everything was glamorous with her. She wouldn't accept nothing less. And now, it was mine. And I was so happy to have that part of my grandma stay with me.

My mom promised my daughter my grandma and grandpa's bed and end table. So I moved those into her room and once she gets a new mattress to fit it, we are going to set her room up so beautiful. I'm honored for her to sleep in the bed that my grandparents used.

As for me, I got to keep the vanity that belonged to my grandma and the dresser that belonged to my grandpa. I also took the seashell decor that she had in her bathroom. I loved her bathroom and hung up the photo she had in hers, now in mine. But her bird watching hat, gloves, coral reef and shell candles, along with a picture frame she owned are all on the vanity now and I will not move them. She had her wedding photo always placed on there and now I have my own wedding photo in the same place as she had hers on the vanity's top.

I put my grandpa's kaleidoscope on his dresser as well as my grandparent's wedding album on there as well. Looking back at their wedding, it truly amazes me that they were so young, so in love and yet, they grew so old together and still so very much in love. I feel so honored to have their things here in my home. My grandma was an amazing person...so was my grandpa. 

And now they are finally back together again. It hurts my heart and at the same time, I feel a bit of comfort as well knowing they have each other once more. And I will never forget the memories I have of them.  I miss them both so very much. It's just so hard to believe that my grandma is now gone forever too. They both are... but not from my mind. I hold such a special place for them both now.

My grandma and grandpa on their wedding day back in 1949

A 5-tiered wedding cake

The wedding party consisted of my grandma's sister, my grandma, my grandpa, and my grandpa's friend. Boy, wasn't my grandpa just handsome? He had just fought in WWII four years earlier and was such a handsome young man.

My great grandparents on both sides.

The newspaper article announcing their wedding in 1949.

My grandma was all about life. She didn't want people to be sad at her funeral. So our family agreed to do something different. So instead of the traditional funeral, we are now going to be having a celebration of her life on her most favorite day of the year. The Fourth of July. 

My grandma was always known for her big Fourth of July parties and get together's. Everyone looked forward to them every year. It was her favorite time and so now, we will all get together to say one last goodbye to her at a ceremony on the Fourth of July this coming year. We can all remember her and celebrate her life together all as a family on the day that meant the most to her.

Now my grandparents can be together again forever..... my grandma's final engraving will say October 14, 2016   ......... but they will both be in our hearts until we all see them again one day.

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